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About Synergy Real Estate Group. Riverside - San Bernardino Tenant Advisors

We help businesses locate and negotiate for warehouse space within the Inland Empire and provide our services free of charge. The site is owned by Synergy Real Estate Group, one of the leading tenant representation firms that works strictly for businesses to make sure they get the best deal on their space.

Extensive Property Database

Our detailed property database has listings for 25 submarkets within the Inland Empire with more than 1,000 listings and millions of square feet of available warehouse and office space.

Why aren’t there any properties on the site?

The problem with traditional sites is that they post a laundry list of properties and as a business owner, you have to spend hours going through each one and build a list of properties and then contact an agent with the list and wait for a response. Even newer sites with built-in search engines often have inadequate search features or use large ranges that don’t allow for targeted searches.

We like to use a personal approach to finding space. Our team works directly with decision makers to get their exact needs and then search our expansive database to find properties that fit their needs. We prepare then prepare a report showing those properties and then help them with the selection and negotiation process.