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Renegotiate Your Commercial Lease.

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Free Commercial Lease Negotiation Services

In addition to helping businesses find new warehouse and office space, we can help businesses renegotiate an existing lease. Our strategy involves analyzing current market conditions, your current lease / space and developing a business presentation to present to your landlord. We want to point out that not all landlords are willing to negotiate and that’s a result of principle or in some cases monetary restrictions. However our team will make sure that we do everything in our powerto work out a new agreement that benefits both parties.

Our Lease Analysis and Presentation Process:

  • Analyze Your Current Lease – How much space are you using? Do you need more, less or the same amount? What are you paying compared to market rates? Length of term remaining etc …
  • Research Your Landlord – There is a good chance we have dealt with your landlord before and will know how flexible or receptive they may be towards a modification
  • Review Your Goals – How much of a reduction are you seeking? How long would you want to extend your lease to get a better rate?
  • Develop a Proposal – We’ll put together a proposal that makes fiscal sense for both parties and meet with your landlord to discuss modifying your lease